This website offers an introduction to the many ways judicial systems can be structured, the work of international tribunals, and the field of international rule of law. More information about the site can be found here.

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Every nation has a unique legal system that reflects its history, culture, and government structure. Along with the civil and common law traditions, religious law plays a role in many parts of the world. This map offers a basic overview of the world’s judicial systems, including legal tradition, highest court, and selected features. More information about nations not included in the Country Profiles section will be added overtime.

Hover over a country on the map to learn more about its legal system; to find a specific country, use the search option by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top-left corner.

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Nations follow different legal traditions and have adopted theories of jurisprudence and approaches to adjudication that best suit their culture and needs. Many countries also have specialized justice mechanisms to address discrete needs, for example military justice and transitional justice…
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Judicial Selection When deciding how to select judges, governments consider a number of factors. Some prioritize high performance on a competitive examination. Some look for pragmatic knowledge and administrative competence above all else, while others seek…
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